Inspirational Quotations

Luke 6:46

The Bible is rich with wisdom and inspirational quotations on everything dealing with money. Many famous sayings are based on Bible quotes. In fact, some have been misrepresented as scripture. One example would be, "God helps those who help themselves." It sounds scriptural but is nowhere in the Bible. In fact, God tell us to be dependent upon Him. Another example would be, "Money is the root of all evil." This again is a misrepresentation of scripture. What the Bible actually says is, "The love of money is the root of all evil." See 1 Timothy 6:10.

Read For Yourself
Since what is touted as scripture is sometimes a misrepresentation of what the Bible actually says, It becomes all the more imperative that you read and understand scripture for yourself. However, do not just search the scripture for what it says, instead let the scripture search you and shine a light on your attitude and behavior. It is a two-way street. It takes action on your part to read the Bible but then let the Bible examine your heart.

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