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Psalm 86:11

My name is Bob Coruzzi and I am here to change the world. I am passionate about seeing all people get out of debt and become truly financially free! There is one best way to do that and that way is to follow the guidance given to each of us in the Bible. Every person is called to become a disciple, or follower, of Jesus Christ. Every Christian is called to be debt free. See Deuteronomy 28 for the blessings and curses God spoke over Israel. Debt is not sin but is seen as a curse for not following God's statutes. This site is dedicated to helping you get out of debt and to help you see and understand your greater purpose in life. The rest of what follows on this page is my story that led to the creation of this site.

Early one Friday morning in the Fall of 2004 as I was driving to meet with a few men from my church, I heard Howard Dayton, then CEO of Crown Financial Ministries, cite a Barna study that only about 4% of church goers tithed; that is give 10% of their income to the church. My church is fairly small, less than 100 families. I had no reason to doubt that my church wasn't average and if so, I thought that this was a tragic situation and I wanted to make a positive change! I made mention of what I had heard to the men that I met with that morning. One other man in the group, Bill, felt as strongly about the situation as I did and we decided to do something to change the situation.

I had heard of the Crown ten-week Bible study but had never gone through it. The same was true for Bill. We decided to go through the study together with our wives the following Spring. We felt that going through the study with our wives was very important to the success of our marriages so that our wives were on the same page as we were on financially. One unforeseen benefit that we experienced was that if there was any disagreement between husband and wife all we had to do was turn to scripture and see what the Word of God said. Disagreement no longer became an issue about what he said or what she said. The focus was now on what God said and our obedience to what God said. Our obedience was tested later that Summer. Click here to read that story and God's wonderful provision.

That 10-week study so impacted our lives that we decided to become certified Crown small group leaders and share the things we had learned with those in our congregation. Our first group included our senior pastor, associate pastor and the head of our Board of Directors. We then went on to offer more ten week studies to the rest of our congregation. We have even opened the study up to others outside of our congregation. The Crown ten-week study can be a great outreach tool for the community, especially in these tough economic times.

This website is an outflow from the impact that learning God's word in relation to my finances has had. If you would like to learn more about the ten week study I would suggest you talk to your Crown Area Director. There is a local Crown website for every state in the United States of America and many countries around the world. Visit Crown Financial Ministries (www.crown.org) home page to meet your local Crown Financial Ministries team. I would encourage you to get involved with your local team and also in becoming a small group leader yourself.

I had a really rewarding experience in being able to lead people in understanding God's word and seeing their lives transformed. There was one couple in a group that I had lead that really took the study to heart and got rid of $11,000 worth of debt in ten weeks! Leading the Crown ten-week study is a very humbling as well as rewarding experience. One of the great benefits of the ten-week study, Crown now calls them Life Group studies, is the accountability that takes place in the group. No one is forced to reveal any of their personal financial information but people do grow a whole lot closer together by the end of the ten weeks.

Another way you can experience this same teaching in a compressed format is to go to a Crown Financial Ministries one-day

Journey To True Financial Freedom seminar. If there is not one going on in your area, consider hosting one at your local church. This is again a great way to outreach into the community and touch people's lives in a practical way. This one-day seminar is extremely full of helpful and useful information in how to set up and maintain a budget. I know that some churches have hosted a seminar and used it as an introduction to forming the Life Group studies. The cost is also extremely reasonable, only $25 per person for a full day of teaching! You receive an absolutely incredible value when you participate in a Journey To True Financial Freedom seminar. I guess that is because to Crown this is truly a ministry and not a business.

If any of this has stirred your heart I would highly encourage you to get involved. Fulfill the purpose for which you were made and help lead people to Jesus Christ in a way that touches their lives in a very tangible way. Help those around you become truly financially free so that God's`financial resources can be freed from debt and made available to build God's kingdom. If you do not have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ but would like one click here for your personal invitation.

May God bless you and make His face shine upon you.

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