Save On Long Distance

Are you interested in significantly reducing your long distance bill? You can save on long distance calls if you meet certain qualifications! I welcome you to see just how much you can save. First, here are the qualifying questions:

  1. Do you currently live in the United States of America or Canada?
  2. Do you currently own a landline?
  3. Do you currently pay more than $30 USD per month for your long distance service plus any premium services you might enjoy like caller Id or call waiting?

If you answered yes to each of these questions then you qualify for a significant discount on your long distance bill. “How much?” you will be asking. Well I can't tell you for sure because I don't know how much you pay in long distance and premium fees every month. But, if I give you an example, you can figure out for yourself exactly how much you can save.

An Example
Now I said that if you were paying more than $30 USD per month for long distance you could save money. Actually, you will save money. So, Let's use $30/month as our starting point. That would be $360 per year in long distance fees. If you purchase what I am going to call a gateway for only $288 USD you will save $72 USD in what you don't pay the phone company the first year. The second year and every year after you will be saving $360, or more if their prices go up, because you will own the gateway. How much more than the example will you save?

Is This Legit?
You might be thinking that something funny is going on but let me assure you that this is completely legitimate. You see, this gateway will plug you into the world's first ever peer-to-peer long distance network. This means that your gateway becomes a peer on our network and calls will get "VOIP'ed" across the internet for termination in your local area. There is a spare jack in the back of the gateway that you get to use without interrupting any calls that might be going through your gateway. And because you are a peer, you save on long distance calls and get to call throughout the USA and Canada for free. There is also very special pricing for calls to other countries.

NOTE: You can keep your current number for a one-time fee of $9.95 USD.

Premium Services
You could stop there and that would be a very good deal, especially if you are paying much more than $30/month for your long distance. However, included with the gateway are 18 premium services like call waiting, call forwarding, call blocking and an answering machine.

Additional Advantage
Not only that, but this offer gets even better. Your internet costs and your land line costs (you still need your landline with local service when you get rid of your long distance service) become tax deductible business expenses because you become an independent contractor. See your tax adviser to see exactly how much you can deduct for your own home-based small business.

More Good News!
It gets better still! Since you are terminating calls you will earn 6% of the revenue generated by your device. It may only amount to a couple dollars per month but it will certainly be more than you could earn in interest keeping your $288 in the bank.

Note: Your only other cost is $30 USD per year to maintain your "back office" because that is how you get paid your commissions and call termination. You can keep track of exactly how much you have coming in every month. Since you were paying more than $30 per month for your old service, $30 per year doesn't seem so bad!

You Can Get Paid For Helping Others Save Money
There is even more if you want it. You are saving yourself a bucket of money not paying long distance fees. Do you know somebody else who might like to save on long distance save the kind of money you are saving? If so, once you own a gateway you could sell gateways to others who also want to save money and balance their budget and you would earn a $40 USD commission!

Take advantage of this spectacular offer while it is still available. I can guarantee that this offer will not last long and will change significantly after the first of the year. In fact, when the price does change it will go from $288 USD to $499 USD. Now is the time to save on long distance calling start saving yourself money! SIGN UP NOW!

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