Free Long Distance Calls

2 Corinthians 8:20-21

Here is your opportunity to make to make free long distance calls to all of the United States of America and Canada for life if you have a current land line and a high speed internet connection. Your cost will probably be less than you are paying for your current long distance plan for a year. While this offer is not yet available in other countries, it will be coming worldwide in the not too distant future.

Why Not Just Use Magicjack?
You could use magicjack and pay your $20 per year and be done with it. However, using magicjack puts you on the retail side of the equation. When you join VoiParty and get a termination point you are now on the wholesale side of the equation. Do you want to pay for your long distance calls or do you want to get long distance calls for free and have people pay you for the long distance calls that they make?

Interested In Getting Paid?
You can start your own home based business for less than $300! This is not some multi-level marketing gimmick either because the money is provided by everybody who is NOT part of the network. All you need do is find just three people who like you have a landline and high speed internet connection who also want to make long distance calls for free. Where else can you start a business for less than $300, find three clients to replicate the process and be done except for collecting checks for the rest of your life? This is passive income at its finest!

My Commitment To You
Here is my commitment to you. If you will come and sign up to become a part of the VoiParty network under me (vip8655) I will give you all of the support you will need to you sponsor your three people. Not only that, I will help you mentor your three people to sponsor their three people. When that happens, you will be at level seven in the compensation matrix . When you get to level seven in the compensation matrix you will over time be earning more than most people in the United States of America. It will probably be income replacement for you; maybe even a little more. That to me is success. When you succeed, I succeed. I will also give a promotional DVD to the first 18 who sign up under me. That is a $10 value. So ...


I would be happy to answer any questions you have about this very limited and lucrative opportunity. Just put your information in the form below.

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