Buying with debit cards instead of credit cards!!

by Tamira

So I really like to purchase everything on credit! I just feel safer walking out of the house with my credit card that I can cancel at any time if stolen.

I also don't have to worry about memorizing pin numbers and trying to stand sideways in line to make sure no one can see me as I enter it. (several friends' identities stolen that way...)

Problem you say?

Interest! Ugh. Let's be honest. Credit cards don't really encourage you to make sure you have money BEFORE making a purchase. So I came to the realization I was purchasing things I couldn't cover at the end of the month and slowly getting into debt.

I also had ALL my bills automatically withdrawn from my credit card. This too wasn't being regularly monitored. Imagine my surprise yesterday to find out a year after moving from my previous address that my renter's insurance had been charging me for the last address for a year as well as my new address. (Make sure you check yours.)

Needless to say, I've requested my pin numbers in the mail and transferred my bills to automatically withdraw from my debit cards. It will take more monitoring from me, but hey, I'll get back to my days of no interest and zero dollar balances at the end of my credit cycle.

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