Deuteronomy 10:14

Learn How You Can...

... legally turn two common household expenses into tax write-offs!

Here is an awesome opportunity, especially if you live in a rural area, to not only turn your phone and internet costs into tax write-offs but you will be able to draw income from them as well!

If you currently own a landline and have a high speed Internet connection and you are paying more than $35 per month for your phone service, then the Obihai telephone gateway may be for you.

VoiParty is an Inter-eXchange Company (IXC) that has created the first ever peer-to-peer telephone network and covers more than 85% of the United States and Canada. VoiParty is now looking to get access to the other 15% and if you live in those areas and meet the criteria above then you are in a position to significantly reduce your telephone and Internet costs as well as earn income from your telephone line by becoming part of the network.

When you purchase an Obihai telephone gateway you will get 17 premium features included at no extra cost:

  1. Call Return
  2. Call Redial
  3. Call Forwarding
  4. Call Blocker
  5. Call Waiting
  6. Call Waiting per Call
  7. Caller ID Generation
  8. Distinctive Ring
  9. Speed Dial
  10. Modem Line Toggle
  11. Fax Line Toggle
  12. Do Not Disturb
  13. Accept Last Call
  14. Block Caller ID
  15. Block Caller ID / NOC
  16. Block Anonymous Calls
  17. Blind Transfer

How Can I Save Money?
If you meet these criteria:

  • Currently have a landline
  • Currently have a long-distance package
  • Are spending more than $35 per month on your phone bill
  • Currently have a high-speed Internet connection
  • Are in an area where VoiParty does not already have saturation
Then it will be costing you not to join the VoiParty network. See the calculations.

What About The Tax Write-Offs?