Learn How An Obihai Gateway Can...

Obihai Gateway

... save you $30 per month or more on your phone bill, even if you are bundled!

Own an Obihai Gateway and Save
How much do you currently pay for your phone bill? Most people in the United States pay about $55 for their phone service, even if they are bundled with their cable and/or Internet. Vipiam offers the Obihai Gateway which will give you all of your current services and probably more, 18 premium features in all, for only $19.95 per month plus the purchase of the Gateway. When you switch to Vipiam, you will see a savings of over $130 the first year and a savings of more than $400 the second year; just by repositioning the money you are already spending! See calculations for your exact savings.

Here's How It Works
You need the following:

  • An Obihai Gateway
  • A high-speed Internet (cable, DSL or Fiber Optic) connection
When you get your Obihai Gateway you will plug it into your high-speed Internet modem and plug your phone into the Obihai device. In addition to free long distance calling in the US and Canada and wholesale international calling rates, you will also get 18 premium features included at no extra cost:
  1. Call Return (Calls the last caller)
  2. Call Redial (Redials the last number called)
  3. Call Forwarding (Forwards all calls to the extension specified after the activationcode)
  4. Call Blocker (Blocks the last inbound call)
  5. Call Waiting Enables call waiting on all calls)
  6. Call Waiting per Call (Enables call waiting for the next call)
  7. Caller ID Generation (Enables caller ID generation)
  8. Distinctive Ring (Give important callers their own ring tone)
  9. Speed Dial (Set it up so that important numbers have quick access)
  10. Modem Line Toggle (Toggles the line to a modem)
  11. Fax Line Toggle (Toggles the line to a fax machine)
  12. Do Not Disturb (Enables the do not disturb feature)
  13. Accept Last Call (Accepts the last outbound call. It lets the call ringthrough when do not disturb or call forwarding of all calls are enabled)
  14. Block Caller ID (Blocks caller ID on all outbound calls.)
  15. Block Caller ID / NOC (Blocks caller ID on the next outbound call)
  16. Block Anonymous Calls (Blocks all anonymous calls)
  17. Blind Transfer (Transfer of the current call to the extension specified)
  18. Voice Mail

Added Bonus #1 - Free Smart Phone App
When your purchase an Obihai Gateway you will also get a free smart phone app that will allow you to make free internet calls anywhere in the world where there is a wifi connection and there will be no roaming charges!

Added Bonus #2 - Free Web Dialer
When you purchase an Obihai Gateway you will get a free web dialer for your laptop or PC. You can call anywhere in the world where there is a wifi connection and you can make that call straight from you laptop or PC.

Added Bonus #3 - Residual Income
This added bonus is only for people who have a desire to generate residual income from call termination. It will require that you take all long distance and premium features off your current line and use it as a dedicated line for call termination to your local area. You then become part of the network and will receive 6% of the revenue generated by your phone line.

Added Bonus #4 - Significant Tax Savings
When you purchase an Obihai Gateway for call termination you become part of our network, an owner of the network. Therefore, you will enjoy the advantages of owning a home-based business which by itself can save you hundreds of dollars per year in taxes. Your phone and Internet costs become tax deductible because they are required for your business. Check with your tax professional to see exactly how much you can save.

There are additional benefits for small business owners.
Click here to find out more!

I Costs You Not To Join
When you add up all of the benefits that you receive, it costs you not to join. So, sign up now and start enjoying the benefits immediately!

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